haven’t been on this blog forever.

it’s nice having two diff blogs because on childrenofthecity, it’s mostly just things that appeal to people visually, and while that can show personality, i really really really miss swearing on my personal blog hahaha. 

anyways, just wanted to check in with the mantra of the day. 

there’s this person i know who’s kind of being…. manipulated (for a lack of a better word) i guess by some friends… i’m not trying to get super involved with it but still, it makes me sad to see that this person is so sad/upset by it. and i was thinking about it… and i honestly think that sometimes doing what’s considered “right” (in the moral sense of the word) isn’t always the best way to go. sometimes people have to chose for themselves what they want to have happen in their lives, and they alone deal with their consequences. we all want to give advice to people, but we don’t realize that our group opinions (which eventually form into an outcome) can have serious consequences that that one person alone must deal with. we may be affected by it a little, but in all reality, the person who must make the choice deals with the burden alone. if someone takes the time to tell you about something that has hurt them, obviously it’s okay to form an opinion. but idk, personally, forcing your opinion onto someone else is just as bad as forcing religion or forcing political views. letting someone know how you feel? totes mcgotes okay. i know we all have good intentions inside and that helping a friend is honestly one of the nicest things anyone can do. but sometimes doing what you think is right vs. what is morally right can produce a better outcome. 

in conclusion, i just want to say that no matter how pressing friends are, against you or with you, you really have to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. if you think something is right, then go for it. life’s too short.